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Monogrammed Jewelry

In today's fashion, one of the notable aspects to clothing and the act of accessorizing is that individuality still counts for something. This is to say, that fashion, by its very nature is of the herd mentality, and yet is forgiving in terms of an individual still expressing him or herself (albeit within certain boundaries of taste). One of the most unique ways to do this is by way of monogrammed jewelry

While monograms have been around since time immemorial, monogrammed jewelry is something of a rarity, even today. To see someone's initials on a piece of jewelry, though not so astounding, is still almost something one would only expect to see in a movie, a whiskey commercial, or in a fashion magazine. To see JB on the ring of James Bond would be a nice touch to a movie, but is something that, to see on the finger of one's brother or cousin might seem a bit unique.
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Yet this nearly one of a kind fashion is one worth exploring. By owning monogrammed jewelry -if only one piece (in fact, more than one such piece of jewelry might be overdoing it) - one shows a sense of pride in existing. This, say many social scientists, is a good thing, in that it shows a spirit of confidence, of natural pride, and therefore a belief in one's abilities.

This automatically creates a sense of curiosity and attraction in the opposite sex. As well, it opens up an initial line of conversation with that possible future special somebody. Even if it is but a small piece of monogrammed jewelry, it will definitely not go unnoticed by the opposite sex.

Your monogram can fit on some surprising pieces of jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, toe rings, bracelets, anklets, the sky's the limit. As well, if putting your initials onto jewelry seems a bit gauche, consider a small message. This is especially helpful (if attention is what you seek), when using a somewhat coded message that will pique the interest of the opposite sex.

As well, putting a funny message on your jewelry can have yet another beneficial effect. For instance, if you write something to the effect of "If you can read this, your head is not where it should be," on an anklet -and turn the anklet upside-down, this could result in some humorous distraction. Ure | Ure

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